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Aerial Lifts: A Buying, Renting, Or Leasing Guide

When you are looking for new aerial lifts or want to rent a lift, you can use the steps below to make wise decisions. The tips below tell you the types of lifts you can use, where they will work, and the accessories you should try. Buying a lift is more expensive than renting, and you simply need to save as much money as possible. Determine if you should rent or buy depending on your situation.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing Aerial Lifts?

Ask these questions when you are looking at your lift options:

You can determine the size and style of the lift you need, and you can choose the particular device you should use based on weight capacity. If you have answered these questions, you can work with a dealer on the devices you need. A good dealer will ask you these questions so they can give you what you need.

What Is The Average Price For New Aerial Lifts?

You can buy a lift that is $5000 or $85,000 and everywhere in between. If you have the budget for a purchase, you can find an affordable used lift, but that is not always feasible. When you believe the price of available lifts has exceeded your budget, you should consider renting. You can pay a small fee for the device, and you can return it at any time.

What Types Of Aerial Lifts Are Available?

Spider Lift

A spider lift uses legs that extend from the base to stabilize the unit. You can set up the lift anywhere, extend the legs to steady the lift, and you can get to work.

Scissor Lift

A scissor lift rises from the bottom, and it can rise 30 feet or more. These lifts must be placed directly under the thing you are working on.

Boom Lift

Boom lifts come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. When you choose one of the styles below, you must consider the job at hand. Some boom lifts are more versatile than others, and you must consider which device you are comfortable operating because they can be quite complex.

Telescopic lifts allow you to rise to the full height of the light and then move forward to reach something that is far away.

Articulating lifts can rise and shift forward or backward when you need to adjust your position for the work you are doing. These lifts allow you to move up and down or forward and back at the same time to attain the exact position you need.

Trailer Mounted lifts can be hauled to any location. Because these lifts could be any style, you must ask the dealer if they have a particular lift you need with a trailer hitch. You can hitch the trailer to your work vehicle, and you can take the lift anywhere you want. The trailer mount eliminates the need for a truck with an integrated lift or cherry picker.

Personnel Lifts are very large and designed to work on large sites where people must be moved from one place to another quickly. These lifts can work as an elevator if you are managing the construction of a building, or you can use lifts that move laterally across an open gap on the construction site.

Cherry Pickers are the most versatile and popular lifts you can buy. A cherry picker allows you to move in any direction at any height. You can use these devices if you are working inside or outside, and the bucket that you stand in is much safer because it is completely enclosed. You can hook yourself to the cherry picker easily, and you can manage the lift from the bucket.

Also, you may find a cherry picker with spider legs that allows you to stabilize the device before you start working.

How Do You Power The Lift?

You must check the power source for each lift before starting. If you are plugging in the device, you need a power source nearby or a generator.

How Does The Drive System Work?

You should choose the drive system that suits the situation. These drive systems are most common among aerial lifts:


When you are choosing the appropriate lift for your job, you can use the information above to make an educated choice. You can also add a cutting package, welding package, panel carrier, glass carrier, pipe rack, or deck extension when needed. Each lift should come with static straps that ground the device and a safety strap you can hook to your belt.