Why using a Field Service Software is important for your Company

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

Recent findings have revealed that a customer product purchase decision is also influenced by after-sales service support other than its value. A good marketing strategy focuses on improving a customer's after-sales satisfaction. Including technology to enhance field service in your company will see your company be efficient in service provision in meeting your customers’ needs and company goals.

Picture this; a customer shows up at your company to book an appointment for a product or service. After explaining to them how the service or products works, you agree on a date and charges. Your staff schedules their meeting manually. The customer gets an emergency, has to go out of town with no proper technology to enable the customer to reschedule their appointment, and track the schedule. There is a high possibility of losing track of the appointment. Such a scenario explains the benefit of having Field Service Software.

Benefits of a field service software

A good example of such Software is Reveal Field- a service dispatching software used to track a fleet of vehicles.

Saves on Time

It is a proven fact that Softwares help you avoid manually organizing data. They allow you to store and track data online. It's easier to follow up on customers' schedules on the software, and customers can reschedule their appointments on the software without availing themselves physically at the company. Take, for instance, on Reveal Field, there would be no need for dispatchers to inquire from technicians on vehicle updates, yet the information is directly found on the software within a flip.

Enhance your brand

The orderliness that comes with incorporating a Field Service Software in your company will bring a taste of professionalism to your company. With Reveal Field, the fact that dispatchers can keep track of the vehicles, gives the customer confidence in safety. If a customer considers your company secure, that's a win for your brand.

Guaranteed better coordination within your staff

Communication is set to flow better with the software in your company. It's easier for a supervisor to track a detailed record of completed orders than manually asking the workers who might give only a summary and even forget some details. A supervisor can follow the proof of delivery on Reveal Field as evidence of completed orders.

Easy to use processes

Most of these Software, such as Reveal Field, are easier to use. Most customers confess to not needing training on the first-time use of the software. The process involved with the soft wares is normally straight to the point. For Reveal Field, GPS tracking is installed in each vehicle, automatically linking into the Reveal platform. One can view the dispatched fleet vehicle on any computer or smartphone device connected to the staff. Both dispatchers and owners get to benefit from the automatic scheduling and dispatching. There is a notification of any delays and monitoring through the scheduler and love map. Customers can give genuine reviews on the software.

Cost and Purchasing

Information on a variety of Field Service Software's is availed online. It includes details on features, operating systems, and cost, allowing you to decide which one among them is most suitable to meet your customers and company needs.

Reveal Field Software can be purchased on Verizon Connect. Its features are GPS fleet tracking, Electronic logging device, Dashcam, Dispatch and Scheduling, Proof of delivery, and roadside assistance. You get to select the number of vehicles on your fleet, type of business, number of technicians, company name, and location upon which more details will be emailed to you.

Therefore, it is easier to choose the perfect Software design by evaluating its features suitability concerning your company. Customers' reviews of the software available online will give you an option to weigh which one to buy based on the experiences others had with the software.

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