How To Take Your Business Online Effectively & Efficiently

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

The Growing Importance of a Digital Presence

During the modern age, establishing a digital presence for your brand, business or institution is of crucial importance to its success; both long term and short term. Having an online presence bestows your organization with the ability to reach billions of people at the click of a button, and during these pressing pandemic times especially, brick & mortar shops are starting to feel the stress of operation. Thankfully, this article seeks to establish the fundamental steps owners should take when looking to expand their ventures into the digital realm.

Establish a Web Storefront

The first step to establishing a digital presence for your business is to construct an online storefront in the web. This essentially means to create a website representing your business. This can be a brand homepage that's only meant to inform customers regarding your enterprise and its mission, or it can be a full storefront in which customers can actually engage in purchases and transactions on. Either way, some sort web page representing your organization will be required to serve as the "face" of the brand.

Luckily, establishing a storefront on the web is easier than ever thanks to services such as Shopify, Wordpress & Wix; platforms which allow users to quickly and freely establish complex websites within minutes.

Set Up Social Media Accounts

The next step to follow if you wish to establish a suitable online presence, is to set up accounts on social media platforms that represent your business. In this section of the article we will state the most important platforms to represent your business on and why.


Facebook is the primary social media platform in which you should establish a presence for your business, as it has the widest breadth of users and their populace is among the most diverse on the web.


Another platform that should take priority is Instagram. Instagram is of crucial importance due to the fact that it helps serve alongside your website as the "face" of your brand, and it's also a good place to communicate actively with customers.


And the last platform we'll recommend to you is Twitter. Twitter is relatively smaller and less long-lived as the other platforms, but it deserves a place here due to its unrivaled ability to gleam the interests & hobbies of the youth.

Set Up Payment Processors

Before you can get your digital operations up & running, you have to set up a payment processor that will process all transactions between you & customers. Thankfully, like setting up a website, there are plenty of platforms which offer this service effectively and efficiently. Some such platforms would be ones like PayPal or Zenmo; and for those who have much more high-ticket items, you should look into setting up an Escrow service to oversee transactions.

Start Running Digital Advertisements

The final crucial step in establishing a digital presence is to start advertising your business on the digital scene. This means running advertisements on widespread platforms in order to bring exposure (and even conversions) to your enterprise. One of the best platforms to do this is, in fact, Facebook. Facebook is by far the dominant digital advertising platform, and using its marketing services you can effortlessly reach hundreds of millions for dirt cheap prices.

There's also other advertisement services, such as Google Advertisements; for those who are a bit more specific in their marketing needs.

Closing Point

I do hope that this article has been of profound worth in helping you establish a digital presence for your business. The worldwide web can seem a bit daunting to those newcomers who choose to keep a healthy distance, but to those who wish to delve deeper into the crevices, the opportunities will reveal themselves. Stay Frosty.


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