Inbound and Outbound Marketing for a Business - The Lowdown

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

You need inbound and outbound sales practices to market your business effectively. The first practice type helps you get new leads and consequently new customers. The second practice type helps you retain your customers by tracking their requirements and improving their buying experience. To help your business grown and succeed you require both types of practices.


When a business uses sales strategies to attract customers online and help them find the business, it is using the first type of sales practice.

When a business uses traditional methods to reach out and advertise its products and services to potential customers, it is using the second type of sales practice.


Companies use inbound sales strategies like search engine optimization, blogging, content writing and, advertising on social media to create brand awareness, attract customers and, boost the sales of their products and services. These strategies attract customers who are looking for products and services on search engines. The strategies help customers find the company in the first ten results on search engine results pages

Outbound marketing strategies used by companies include advertisements on the television, the newspaper, brochures, catalogs and, flyers, email advertising, advertising at trade shows and, cold calls or sales calls. This practice boosts sales and brings in customers who are not looking for products and services on internet search engines.


The advantages of website and search engine-based sales practices are many. The sales campaign is long-lasting, customers find the business easily, a business can keep track of the requirements of their customers easily, they can view the business strategies of their competitors and stay ahead of the competition. This sales practice is cost-effective. Building the trust of customers by acting on feedback is easy. A business can use one platform to market its products and services in many ways. In the internet age, selling products and services online is vital for the growth and success of a company.

Traditional methods of selling products and services have benefits in the age of the internet. If a business wants to see quick results and responses from customers, advertising on television, radio or, the newspaper or sending brochures or flyers is the answer. A business can target customers who are most likely to need the product or service through these traditional sales methods. The internet is undoubtedly the biggest marketplace to sell products or services. Traditional sales methods support over-the-internet sales strategies and help sell products and services quickly.


Search engine-based sales pitches take a long time to reach customers. Search engines keep changing their algorithms and content and other strategies need to be constantly tweaked to get a high rank on search engine results pages. Building the trust of customers is a long-term process. The product and services marketed should be that which customers are looking for on search engines.

Traditional sales strategies also come with several disadvantages. Advertising on the television, radio, newspaper, or printing brochures or flyers is expensive. Customers often find this type of advertising a nuisance. In the age of the internet, most customers prefer finding products and services using search engines. Getting feedback from customers who view products and services on the internet is easy while getting feedback is impossible through traditional sales methods.


In the age of the internet, a business needs a website and internet-based sales strategies to grow and succeed. These strategies help them provide relevant information about their products and services and target customers who are specifically looking for these products and services. This sales practice helps a business improve its products and services easily based on customer feedback.

Traditional sales methods are still relevant even in the age of the internet and help a business boost its growth. A business can find its customers easily and generate leads. They can personalize their sales strategies for customers who use their products and services. Getting customer contacts is easier using traditional sales methods.

The success of a business today depends on effective sales strategies. Inbound marketing practices should complement outbound marketing practices to bring in customers and help a business grow. Both sales practices have their inherent advantages and disadvantages. A successful business uses both sales practices according to their specific sales needs.

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