Factors to Consider when Purchasing Walk-in Tubs

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

Bathrooms have posed safety concerns in the past, and especially the elderly and people with disabilities have had challenges in the past. The wet surfaces on the bathroom floors can cause falls and slips. Walk-in bathtubs eliminate all these risks because it counters the danger sources. On top of that, walk-in tubs assure luxury and safety. However, the walk-in tubs differ in models, add-on features, and manufacturers. Therefore, this can overwhelm you, and so intensive research in the market will help to make the right purchasing decision. This article elaborates on some aspects to ponder before buying a walk-in tub.


Walk-in tubs differ in types because you can find brands of varying depth and breadth as well as functionality. Therefore, before you go to any shop, you should research the various features to determine whether a given product and the pricing match and meet your demands. You can go to the store for research first, and get a close look at the features, and then decide the right bathtub to purchase. You will see a walk-in air tub that has air-pumping jets meant to soak the bath and offer a massage. Deep soaking tubs are deeper than others enabling you to submerge while in a seated upright position. Whirlpool tubs may resemble air baths, but these blow out water, circulate and reheat the water similar to a hot tub. Bariatric tubs have wider doors and are deeper to accommodate individuals with huge bodies.

Buy from a Manufacturer

Wholesalers and retailers do a good job of getting products to the customers. However, buying the walk-in tubs may take a twist because speaking to the manufacturer is a better idea. The manufacturer will offer better customer service, and you will enjoy the experience. The professional team will show you different models and even illustrate how safe and comfortable you will be. Manufacturers will also offer aftersales services because of the vibrant network of installation experts they have. They will come to your house and install the bathtub. Buying a walk in tub from a manufacturer is cheaper, and so you will save a lot in the process as compared to the retail deal.

Seek In-Home Consultation

Walk-in tubs are unique, and unlike other products, dealers provide in-home deliberation. Therefore, once you develop an interest in the product, the company sends an expert to your house for discussions about the bathtubs. The professionals will evaluate the bathroom and its limitations because the walk in tub sizes differ, but they can be modified to fit in your space. After listening to you, the bathtub installer will know the best models that can suit you. Finally, he or she will quote a price for the entire activity including the tub cost, add-on features, removal of the old tub, and the installation of the new one.

Understand the Safety Standards

A walk-in tub is easy to use and access because the entry threshold is low, the door is sealed, and can have several grab bars. Therefore, you are sure the loved one will enjoy the bathtub and will be safer unlike using bathrooms. These features accrue an extra cost, but this should not be a concern as far as safety is assured. The contemporary walk-in tubs have anti-scald technology that ensures the water maintains the right temperature. Other tubs have water cleansing systems, and so no need to go to the toilet where you can fall. Manufacturers can add more grab bars for extra safety, and also the surfaces are non-slip but not rough.

A bathtub is a nice add-on to your luxurious life, even though the primary idea of buying it is to enhance safety. The market is flooded with diverse options for tubs, and so proper assessment should be done based on the aspects discussed above among others. These bathtubs go at different prices in the market; therefore, proper decision-making should be done to ensure you spend on the right quality and features. Always align your needs with the budget in place, and you will have the easiest buying process. A bathtub has proven to solve the lives of the people who live alone because it is safe and a perfect way to relax.


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