Most Common Types of Commercial Printers

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

Technological advancement has greatly improved the printing sector. Businesses can showcase their ideas using various printing platforms. Commercial printer has proven to be on top of many printing techniques available. Commercial printing ensures you're able to print a large variety of your products into a paper or card. Activities such as marketing, advertising, and publishing are made easy courtesy of commercial printing.

But to achieve the best results with your commercial printing, you have to choose the best printers. Here is a list of some of the best commercial printers in the market today.

Digital Printers

This is the most common commercial printer type available in the market. If you want to reduce your printing costs and still get the much-needed quality, go for commercial printers. It provides short runs and personalization to many businesses and ensures you get nothing but impressive results.

You don't have to worry about postage costs because of its popularity and cost-effectiveness to businesses. The success of digital printing also depends on the machine used, the operating company, and the purpose of your printings.

If you want to market your business well with this digital printing, it is good to select well-known and trusted people who are professionally skilled in digital printing. This ensures that you're able to get your intended results. Also, ensure the professionals you hire have all mono-colors. Digital printing is best used on letters, labels, newsletters, some banners, menus, and point of sale items.

LED UV Printers

Think of high quality whenever you come across LED UV. The superb quality and popularity of these printers have is the reason behind their high demand. Businesses have found it suitable for marketing and advertising themselves. The excellent quality is a result of the curing method, which lacks anti-set-off powder spray.

It also improves an eco-friendly environment since there is no drying heat applied. The energy consumption is relatively low, making its running time below as well. The use of light instead of heat in this printing method ensures the versatility of your business. LED UV functions include high-quality printing posters, brochures, magazines, newsletters, logbooks, catalogs, and leaflets.

Large Format Printers

The large format printing method is suitable for businesses that want to make a big impression. It is also known as wide-format printing. As a business person, you can choose any material size and have your graphics printed on it. Someone cannot use materials in any commercial printing press.

It helps a lot in drawing and providing a quick reference from a distance. That's why many businesses use it as a flat wall to hang on their banner. Many of this printing format features include its versatility, folded or used in a free stand, and more appealing.

Large format printers are mostly used for printing billboards, laminating and mounting, banners, wallpapers, graphics for exhibitions, and pop-up displays.

Offset Lithography

In this type of business printers, the image of the content you want to print is on a printing plate. The plate is then inked, after which it is transferred to the rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. It helps businesses that want to attain high volume production. The rubber blanket surface provides much-needed flexibility. This allows you to use any material such as plastic, wood, and even cloth.

Offset printing is also in two categories, namely, web offset printing and sheet-fed offset printing. You can receive high-quality prints if you use both of these categories. You can use offset lithography in printing books, stationery, posters, and newspapers.


To take your business to the next level, you can use any of the above mentioned commercial printers and get nothing but quality print outs. Always prioritize quality before you make a decision to take your printer to your business premises. Your printing should be more appealing if you want to capture the attention of customers and clients. Avoid any printing method that doesn't provide you with the intended quality if you're going to take your business to a higher level.


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