Is Working Remotely A Good Option For A Business?

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

When the pandemic happened, people had to quickly shift into taking their work home. No longer were they meeting in the office, but were instead meeting over video conferencing. At the time, it was not known how this would affect the bottom line for businesses. The traditional office always meant that people left their homes and spent their office hours in the physical location of the business. What would it mean to change that whole design by taking care of things out of the home? How could this possibly be productive with the distractions that can happen in the home? Interestingly enough, it has worked out pretty well.

Remote Working Has Surprised Everyone

In looking at the situation, it would make sense that working from home might not be as productive as working in the office. That has not been the case. In fact, many companies are planning on continuing some level of remote work even when it is safe to go back to work. There are many reasons why this remote work has been so productive.

It has been shown to increase not only productivity, but also worker's happiness and overall well-being. These combined together have a very positive impact on the bottom-line for a company.

What Does Productivity Mean

There are a number of things to look at when determining if workers are productive. How quickly is work getting done and how many things are getting completed within a given time period? What is the work quality? Are the customers happy with the product? Are the employees working and available during work hours? Finally, are the teams getting their work done?

What Makes Working Remote A Great Option

There are a number of reasons why working remotely is such a great option. Those include:

Increased Worker Satisfaction

So many things go into worker satisfaction. When workers are able to control their work environment, they are able to create an atmosphere that is best for them. They are not as apt to get distracted by other people and their noise, but instead are able to decorate their space with the things that give them a sense of control. This can also include the music they might listen to. It is easier to balance work and home life when employees work remotely. They can dress comfortably and control their day much easier. It is also conducive to spending time with family, making that balance between work and home much more satisfying.

Less Wasted Time

When people work from home, they seem to take less breaks. On top of this, they stay healthier and need fewer sick days. If they get sick, they are more likely to still work from home. They are also able to stay healthier because they can fit healthy activities easier into their day. This is not only helpful for physical health, but mental health as well. The hassle of commuting also adds negatively to mental health and can take time away from being productive on the job. Overall, studies have proven that the convenience of working from home actually allows employees to log more work hours.

Worker Engagement

Workers that work from home tend to be more engaged. When this happens, then workers also do their best since they feel more committed to the company. This also improves both the communication and collaboration found between employees. Along with this, companies that offer remote work have a higher worker retention. This is because the workers are much more satisfied and loyal to the company. Since it costs money to hire new employees, this is very helpful to the bottom line of the company.

What Can Businesses Save

It is estimated that businesses can save $11,000 per year with every employee that works remotely. This even includes those that work remotely only half of the time. One of the biggest areas of savings comes from the amount spent on the building and utilities themselves. Companies will just need less space, and therefore there will be less expenses attached to that. It is estimated that billions of dollars a year can be saved for companies when they adopt a remote form of work. With all of the benefits, it is definitely a good idea to look at the positive impact working remotely can do for a companies bottom line.

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