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Digital Copiers Improve Office Productivity

New technologies make the workplace more efficient and help teams collaborate on major projects. Improvements to printer technology over the past few years has resulted in digital copiers that offer wi-fi access and remote printing capabilities that can be assigned to multiple employees. Here are some factors to consider if you are thinking of adding a digital copier to your office.


Do you want a digital copier that is just a copier? Remote functions like printing, faxing, scanning, and more are available on new machines. Decide what needs your company has before deciding on a particular model. If your business organizes marketing materials or uses desktop publishing software, a more advanced selection will benefit the office. Businesses that print large volumes of material such as handbooks, newsletters, and other mass print jobs will greatly benefit from the speed and quality a digital copier produces.


Digital copiers have so many new and advanced capabilities in comparison to analog versions. After you have decided on the most appropriate features for your new digital copier, consider who will have access to them. This process may include limiting access to the machine itself or procuring software that limits access to certain features to eliminate waste and unnecessary printing expenses. Remote printing and copying features are enormous time savers and could be used by sales staff and superintendents that work in the field.


Consider the cost of owning and operating a digital copier or printer in your office. Overhead costs may increase slightly based on the special features. These capabilities certainly make your business more efficient. Does their benefit outweigh the increased cost of printing operations? In most cases, the obvious answer will be a resounding yes. If an existing copier is company property, it can be repurposed as a backup unit or sold to offset the cost of the new digital copier.

Lease vs Purchase

When discussing the cost of a new digital copier, it is important to consider whether you will choose to purchase the unit outright or contract with a business equipment leasing company. Most businesses choose to lease because they can incorporate repairs and routine maintenance in the rental agreement. The short term leases also provide for an easy upgrade to new equipment in the future. Purchasing a new or used digital printer is more cost effective for smaller businesses who cannot absorb additional monthly overhead for lease agreements and maintenance contracts.


As you can see, there are some major considerations to discuss before moving forward with the purchase or lease of a digital copier. The main conclusion will be decided based on the business needs. There are certainly advantages to incorporating a digital copier into your office space. These models are faster, more reliable, and produce higher quality prints than previous units. They will be a valuable asset to any office space.