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The Ultimate User Guide for Mobile Offices

What are mobile offices?

Mobile offices are portable offices that offer temporary space for your business needs. They can be moved or removed from any location whenever there is a need. These offices come in various sizes, prices and configurations. They are popular for business use by the government, health providers, hospitality industries, and construction, among others.

Mobile Offices Come in Different Sizes

The sizes of mobile offices differ broadly. Choosing the right mobile office size depends on your business’s needs. For example, if you have many employees or you require an office with a storage area, a break room, or private offices, then you need to be extra keen to choose an office that will not disappoint. Price is also a significant factor. The bigger space, the higher the price. It is essential to go for a mobile office size that is within your budget.

Mobile office sizes exist in three categories. The single-wide, Double-wide, and triple-wide units. Single-wide is the most popular size for starters that provides you with sufficient space for a decent office and a storage area. The available sizes include:

Double-wide offices are two units combined to form a bigger space. It is a standard size for medium businesses that provides additional space for kitchen and break area. Its sizes include:

Triple-wide offices are uncommon options due to their extra big sizes. They are formed from the combination of three single units. The units are delivered separately hence high delivery cost, which turns out to be unattractive to many businesses. The sizes for these offices are 42’ by 76’ or 3,192 square feet.

Mobile Offices’ Standard features and Add-ons

Most offices come with lighting, windows, vinyl floor, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Therefore, you need to get additional cash for add-on features you may need for your office. Everything you need to add to your office to make it work-friendly is pretty costly. You should always prioritize the essential features bearing in mind that this office is only a short-term solution for your business.

Should you Lease or Buy your Mobile Office?

You can lease or buy a mobile office depending on your business needs and objectives. These portable offices help you to manage your space and reduce expenses as compared to leasing or purchasing permanent offices. Keep in mind there are extra fees for delivery and set-up.


Many businesses consider leasing to buying because they do not intend to own the office for long, and it is affordable. Renting is ideal if you are planning to use the office for less than three years. The cost of renting a mobile office ranges from $200 - $900 monthly or $2400 - $10,800 annually.

In most cases, leasing requires a minimum of 3 months of rental contracts. Some suppliers offer a discount if you sign a rental agreement of more than one year. Leasing is your best bet if you are looking for a flexible option, or you are working on a short-term project.


Buying a mobile office is a valid option if you are planning to use the office for over three years, and you can raise $20000 - $30000$ to buy the office upfront. Some businesses consider buying portable offices as a form of investment so that they can sell them in the future for a higher value.

In addition, if you are searching for a customized office that local suppliers cannot provide, it is wise to buy a mobile office and then hire contractors to design the office the way you want it. However, if you cannot afford to get the cash for buying a new office and you are in dire need of one, you can purchase a used mobile office at a relatively lower price.

Important Tips to Remember

Before deciding to lease or buy a mobile office, it is helpful to do a thorough background check to find the right supplier. Find a dealer that will offer quality delivery services. Ensure you have enough space for the office and that you comply with area rules and regulations. Read and understand all contract’s terms and conditions before signing an agreement to avoid future conflicts. Finally, get a good insurance cover for your property to cover any risks that may occur.