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Buyer's Checklist To Purchasing Office Cubicles

A cubicle is a more efficient use of work space for an office. It's easy to make the least efficient use of space by installing the wrong type of cubicle. Here are several factors to put on your checklist for the purchase of a new cubicle.

Size and Measurements

Size is the most important factor to consider when buying an office cubicle. Most importantly, it must be the right size - not too big or too small. One that's too big doesn't leave space for any other feature in the room. One that is too small makes the office workers feel cramped and uncomfortable.

The first step is to know the average amount of work space that a professional needs. Then, know the desired length, width and height of the cubicle. This size should be practical to provide enough space for an average-sized adult to stretch out the arms and legs fully. There should be just enough space to work efficiently, but not too much or else the workers might as well have their own offices.

Desks and Compartments

There are different types of office desks and compartments available. A plain cubicle consists of a small desk and barely enough room for a computer, chair and PC. The space usually measures 3 to 5 feet across with no shelves, drawers or compartments.

Some workers have double this amount of space and twice as many compartments. They have one or more drawers, wall shelves or overhead bins to place their belongings. They have two desks and the space to move their chairs several feet across the floor. Before you plan a buyer's checklist, know all of your options in regards to size, space, color and other basic elements of design. Choose ideal, customized specifications based on the specific users' needs.

Color and Design

A cubicle does not have to be the same color and design in every office. Some offices choose to create creative wall designs that are not too distracting to the workers. Most cubicles are made in neutral colors like white, gray or manila; however, there are others that are made in bright, color colors or lighter shades like lavender or turquoise. The choice should be appealing to the eye but still appropriate for the workplace.

When a cubicle is used, more workers are squeezed into a smaller space than if separate desks were used. Adding more workers to the office means increasing the productivity of the entire business. All of these benefits are only realized if you use a proper checklist to buy a cubicle in the right size and design.