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Identifying the Ideal Payroll Service Provider for Your Business

A good payroll service can free up valuable company time and lift an onerous burden most business owners prefer to leave to someone else.

Nature of Payroll Function

This role is not complex or unduly difficult. It is just one of those tasks that sort of hang over your head kind of like homework. Remember that sinking feeling as the due date crept ever closer, and you did not have it? That’s payroll, and that is the burden you want lifted.

Conversely, a slow, unreliable service can multiply problems that should not have to be dealt with. It is kind of like that overdue homework that did not get done always got multiplied as a form of punishment. A bad service provider has an identical effect on that part of running a business.

Selecting the best service for your particular business can make all the difference in a burden lifted or a burden multiplied. This article offers guidance based on years of business experience, and it can make all the difference when seeking out the best fit.

Business Sector Focus

To seek out and find your best solution, first realize payroll is not generic. While providers may serve a variety of interrelated industries, specific functions within each can require different duties and skills.

Terminology and variations of the same basic function can be cumbersome and misunderstood by someone not familiar with the industry landscape.

Seek out a service that specializes in your business sector. If the provider is already established in your particular niche of the market, he is usually a ready fit.

For instance, if your business is in the automotive industry, approach companies whose primary or only clients are automotive industry related.

Range of Services Must Match Needs

Look at your level of need and determine the specific services best match your business needs. Many services view their business as a sales opportunity, and some take the sales part of their business too far.

Instead of simply taking one of the two or three packages many offer, approach them with only your needs. Negotiate the price based on functions you are recruiting them to perform.


Seek out established service companies. Practically no other work quality tops experience. Experience adeptly takes over and handles issues that cause others with less experience problems.

Often, with an inexperienced service, you defeat the purpose for outsourcing. Consuming the same amount of time with your service to help him get it right does not relieve you of the task you are paying them to do for you.


Work with a service who is communicative and responsive. Playing phone tag or waiting for a response during your initial inquiry does not bode well for the prospects of a good working relationship.

In this age of technology, you should not have to rely on smoke signals to communicate promptly and sufficiently to get the job done.

Reputation and Referral

Research your potential provider. Ask others in the industry about them. Visit websites, social media and check out other sources to ascertain their reputation.

Ask them directly to speak with current clients. Garner as much detail from these various sources as it takes for you to make the best decision about this very important function for your company.

Cost, Turn Around, Proposed Schedule

Compare costs and service packages they offer. Look at three of the best packages and rates. Inquire about cost and how they manage their pricing.

This company function is acutely time-sensitive. Ask about the proposed pickup schedule and the turnaround time for that pickup schedule. Turnaround is as important as the task itself.

Get an exact price for each function you need performed. Ask how they formulate their pricing and look for ways to eliminate duplication and overlap within their pricing structure.


If you run your outsourcing with the same frugality and attention to detail you run your other business functions, you can end up with a quality service at a reasonable price.

After all, saving time and money while still getting the job done is the aim of every business for every function of its total operation.