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Ultimate Consumer's Guide for Storage Containers

In recent years, the need for storage spaces has increased. Storage containers are offering flexible, convenient, and cost-effective solutions. The storage containers come in different sizes, prices, and modifications to match your needs.

Storage Container Uses

Apart from conveying goods, these containers have several uses. They can be tailored to fit any purpose, from serving as temporary residential rooms to offices. These containers are a perfect fit for individuals and various businesses, including:

Renting Vs. Buying Storage Containers

Deciding whether to buy or rent storage containers can be quite complicated. It depends on what you intend to store, for what period, and the kind of modification you want. Price is also a significant factor in ensuring you do not exceed your budget. Portable containers help you to manage your space and minimize expenses.


Renting a storage container is ideal for individuals and businesses who require additional space for short-term projects. If you are sure you will not require the container after the completion of the project, then renting is the ultimate solution for you. It helps you to reevaluate your needs and make better decisions when it is time to rent again. There is no maintenance required, and you don’t have to worry about disposal as the company lending takes care of it.

In case you decide to purchase the container you are renting, it becomes easy since you understand your needs, and you know the container’s features. Leasing allows you to pay for storage when you need it. There is no special assembly or delivery required hence reduced expenses. They are transferrable from one location to another, thus convenient. The rental contract covers you from any potential risks.


Buying a storage container is a suitable option for long-term projects. Unlike rental containers, buying allows you to modify the container according to your specifications, without limitations. It is a good investment for those who wish to sell them in the future. You can also rent it out when it is not in need to make some additional income. Although the selling process may take a lot of time and effort, it yields profit at last. Buying a container requires a one-time fixed cost, so you do not have to worry about monthly payments.

The downside of this option is that you have to incur maintenance costs. Besides, you must have the space to place the container. When it comes to disposal, you have to cater for the expenses incurred.

Storage Containers Come in Different Dimensions

The containers are in various sizes, that is, 10, 20, and 40-foot. The standard unit is 8’6” while some companies offer customized high-cube containers with 1 foot taller. Other dealers offer extensive options with an additional 2 feet wider to meet their clients’ needs. If you need space for heavy machinery and equipment, the taller and extra-wide dimension is the best choice for you.

Storage Container Prices

Renting is a cost-effective option for temporary situations. Rental cost depends on factors such as size, location, agreement terms, and many more. A standard container’s monthly rent ranges from $75-$300, while a modified container costs a monthly fee of $125-$500.

There is a wide price discrepancy when it comes to buying a container. A container can cost between $1400 to $5000 depending on condition, size, age, delivery cost, permit fees, and modified features.

If you are interested in buying a container and you can’t afford a new one, you can buy a durable one at a reasonable price. As long as the container is in good condition, it will still perform the intended function. The price for used containers ranges from $1400 - $2600.

Storage Container Features and Add-ons

Storage containers suppliers provide various features depending on your needs. Some of the add-on features include; floor customization, shelving, doors, windows, ventilation, and finishing.

Finding the best supplier

Finding the right supplier for your storage container is not an easy task. However, it is essential to conduct a background check to find a dealer that will meet your needs and preferences. Find out the condition of the container, its age, and if there are any faults before renting or purchasing. Understand the contract’s terms and conditions before signing an agreement to avoid future problems. Get to know all the costs involved and the mode and time of payment. Finally, get a good insurance cover for your container to cover any possible damage that may occur.