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The Ultimate Guide To Purchasing Your First Swim Spa

Swim spas are growing in popularity. They can provide the same benefits as a hot tub, but also offer a place to swim and exercise. They are smaller than a normal-sized pool, but offer a way for people to swim against strong water jets and provide the same benefits of swimming. If you are considering purchasing a new pool or hot tub, then maybe a swim spa is right for you. Here are a few benefits to help with your decision.

The Size Of A Spa

Do you enjoy swimming inside but don't think you have the right amount of space? Designing a room that fits a swimming spa is easy and affordable. You can add a therapeutic sauna to your home for a sensible amount.

Or maybe you would rather have one in the backyard. Either way, they are great on space and the most obvious choice compared to a swimming pool. A spa will accompany a piece of fine real estate versus covering it up with an intrusive pool.

Safe For Your Family And Home

Safety is critical for outdoor pools and spas. However, spas offer an easier option for safety in your home because you can purchase safety covers and locking mechanisms to protect you and your family against unwanted accidents.

Do You Have Limited Space In Your Home?

If you have a small property, then adding a regular-sized pool can leave your backyard cramped and oddly shaped. A spa can deliver the same benefits as a full-sized pool offering a refreshing place to exercise and cool off.


The water chemistry and maintenance is another key factor that sets the swim spa apart from an old-fashioned swimming pool. You will still have to disinfect your water as usual, but the chemicals are less expensive.

Enjoy The Pool Anytime Throughout The Year

Not too many people will jump into a freezing cold pool during the winter months. Not without using some kind of wetsuit or expenditure. However, a spa can offer a comfortable soak or workout anytime of the year.

Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Your First Spa

Don't Assume The Spa Will Fit. You may assume that your spa will fit; however, without the detailed measurements you can easily create a space that makes it difficult to move around.

Purchasing Cheap Models. Not all spas are the same. A low-priced spa can cost you more money in the long run. After you calculate the maintenance fees and time cleaning it, the spa will lose its value. By purchasing a high quality model, you can eliminate a stressful experience.

The Installation Process

Even though you can save money by installing the spa yourself, there are a few things you must leave to the professionals. The combination of electricity and plumbing should never be a do-it-yourself project. Contact a professional or ask your dealer about the best installation process.

Swim spas are rewarding and very exciting. They can provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience for anyone who buys one. By purchasing a spa instead of a pool you can: maintain a desired temperature, swim throughout the year, and workout anytime.